Yashica FX-7

Yashica FX-7


The Yashica FX-7


is basically a chrome version of the black FX-3, which was manufactured during the same time frame. It accepts lenses with the Yashica/Contax lens mount and has a vertically- running metal focal plane shutter with speeds ranging from 1 to 1/1,000th second, and has a "bulb" setting for long exposures. Flash sync is at 1/125th second. 

It has through the lens full-aperture center-weighted light metering with SPD cell; manual exposure with LED display; metering range: EV 2--18 (with ASA 100 and 50mm F1.4 lens); ASA 12--1600 film speed range; exposure meter switch activated by pressing the exposure check button. The exposure is metered by pressing a button on the back of the camera, to the right of the viewfinder. The exposure indicator is simply made up of three symbols on the right side of the viewfinder display. There is a red "+" sign, with a green "dot" beneath it, and a red "-" sign below the dot. No more than two symbols will be illuminated at the same time. The red plus-sign means that the camera is adjusted for an over exposure. The green dot means that it is set for a correct exposure and the red minus sign means that it is set for an under exposure. If the green dot and one of the others are lit at the same time, it means that you have the camera adjusted for an exposure between the two settings. Adjusting the shutter and aperture are both manually set, so you have full control. By looking through the viewfinder, you can adjust either the shutter speed or aperture setting in order to achieve a correct exposure.


Comes with the Yashica ml zoom 42-75mm F3.5 lens that is ready for anything! The leather is a little worn very common issue in yashica from this era very simple to replace if you wanted in future with some funky leather!


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