Pentax P30t + Case

Pentax P30t + Case

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THe Pentax P30t


The P30t is manual focusing with either aperture priority or fully manual modes. The viewfinder is bright, with an LED screen that displays your shutter speed on the left. Shutter speeds are displayed in 2 colors; 1/30th and below are tinted orange in contrast to the green of 1/60th-1/1000th. An unfortunate drawback to the camera’s viewfinder is that your chosen aperture isn’t displayed, requiring eyes off to peek at the barrel of the lens. My favorite feature by far of the P30t’s is the viewfinder’s diagonal split screen. I find it a lot easier to align my shots with it than the horizontal split. The camera runs on two 357 silver-oxide batteries as the shutter operates on electricity.

Lightly depressing the shutter button will display the shutter speed. In “program” mode, a ‘P’ displays in the top left-hand corner. to signify the camera will take care of shutter speed & aperture automatically, though the aperture is not displayed (weirdly, an A isn’t displayed in aperture priority). In manual mode, an “M” is shown with two shutter speeds; your selected one is a solid light, while the camera recommendation blinks. It’s up to you to either follow the camera’s guidance and match the two speeds or forge your own path. Aperture Priority mode simply just shows the shutter speed the camera will shoot at.


Comes with a Pentax A SMC 35-80mm F4.5-5.6 lens and a nice big case to keep it nice and safe!


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This camera has been tested and is fully functional

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