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Pentax K2

Pentax K2


The Pentax K2 


is a 35mm SLR camera introduced by Pentax in 1975. It was the flagship camera of a trio of that year featuring the new K lens mount developed for Zeiss in a joint venture never really to be developed. The two others were the KX and the KM. Along with these cameras, Pentax released a 26 Super-Multi-Coated (SMC) K mount lenses. The announcement of the K-mount cameras and lenses occurred at a large Pentax birthday celebration held at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Japan.[1]

A year later the Pentax K1000 was added, becoming a popular mechanical camera. Taking advantage of new technical possibilities, the cameras all have full aperture TTL exposure metering, with a black indicator needle visible to the right in the viewfinder. The K2 has aperture priority automatic exposure, selected on the shutter speed dial. The camera selects the proper shutter speed between 1/1000 and 8 seconds when the shutter release is depressed. Other notable features of the K2 are the mirror lockup, and that shutter speeds from 1/125 to 1/1000 second and 'B' work without battery power.[2]


Comes packed with a 50mm F2 pentax lens ready for anything


Sample photos can be found here:


This camera has been tested and is fully functional

Comes with a 30Day working guarantee


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  • Testing INFO

          All our cameras go through thorough testing and checking to make sure the camera is fully functional. The testing is done by our trained technicians. Every camera is photographed individually to show every detail of the cosmetic condition. All cameras come with a 30 day working warranty so you can buy with confidence.

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    Sellingcameraz will happily accept refunds or exchanges within 30 days of delivery if the item arrives defective, or if any initial faults are presented upon receiving your order.

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