Pentax K1000

Pentax K1000


Pentax K1000


Is an absolute cult classic! One of the best SLR ever made and is still used for teaching photography by many schools around the world. Released in 1976 and made until 1997 it makes it one of the longest-lasting camera production ever. With its study and reliable build and very easy-to-use light meter this is the perfect camera for any level! The Pentax K mount has a extremely wide selection of lenses to choose from. 


Comes with a Pentax SMC-M 50mm F2 lens


Note this model has some light Fungus/foam in the view finder as shown in final photo you can still focus normally but the price has been adjusted accordingliy


Sample photos can be found here:


This camera has been tested and is fully functional

Comes with a 30Day working guarantee


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Prices in NZD