Minolta AF-Z qd

Minolta AF-Z qd


The Minolta AF-Z


Is a compact camera. It was introduced in the mid-1980s. The model was produced in a factory in Japan.


The lens of the camera is fixed. The name “Minolta Lens” adorns the lens. The focal length is 35 mm and the widest aperture of the lens is f/2.8. There is no need to focus by hand with the Minolta AF-Z. The camera has an autofocus system. The closest focusing distance for this lens is given as 65 cm. This is the minimum distance you have to keep to get sharp images.


The photo camera has a built-in exposure meter. It can be used with films from ISO 25 to ISO 1600. The camera technology uses a sensor to determine the correct film speed via the DX code. If this code is missing, the camera always sets a value of ISO 100. The aperture and shutter speed are set automatically by the 35mm photo camera. There is no exposure compensation.


The built-in flash provides sufficient light. 4 meters is the specified range at a sensitivity of ISO 100 with the automatic flash. Additionally, there is a mode in which the flash can be used as a fill-in. A self-timer is also provided.


A great subsitute to the Olympus mjuii or canon AF35m


Comes with orginal case to keep nice and safe


Note the is a small chip in the battery door compartment that doesnt affect the battery door use but just noted and price has been adjusted accordingly


Sample photos can be found here:



This camera has been tested and is fully functional

Comes with a 30Day working guarantee


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