Agfa Optima sensor flash

Agfa Optima sensor flash


The Agfa Optima Flash 


is a fixed-lens 35 mm viewfinder camera manufactured in Germany by Agfa from 1981 to 1983. It belongs to the Agfa Optima series, features the same big red Sensor shutter-release and large viewfinder as any other in the series, with some improvements and a built-in flash. Comes with a 40mm F2.8 lens ready for anything uses zone focusing with three focus points much like the Olympus trip 35



A real spicy gem we dont see very often with a huge view finder and nice sharp lens just check the sample pics. comes with leather pouch to keep it safe


Sample photos can be found here:


This camera has been tested and is fully functional

Comes with a 30Day working guarantee


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