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How it is to shoot a rangefinder for the first time?

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Come roll with us

Volume 3:

My first roll with a Rangefinder

Come roll with me is a new project we have been working on where we show you our journey with film and showcase some of our best photos and also some of the mistakes we made along the way. We will be sharing some tips and tricks we have learned along the way through making mistakes!

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In this third volume of come roll with us i talk about my first experience with a rangefinder and trying out some double exposures.

I had been wanting to try out a rangefinder for a while and I found a Olympus 35RD in my local town for a decent price so I grabbed it, loaded it up with some Fujifilm C200 and some fresh batteries and away we went!

The different style of focusing can be a little to get used to at first with the rangefinder patch. Also the fact that you see what the actual lens sees takes a minute to wrap your head around.

I also noticed that with the 1 500th of a second top speed there were some limits to shooting in bright daylight but also maybe learnt that's maybe also not the best time to get nice colours.

But the size and ease of use soon became more comfortable and I started to enjoy using this camera more and more.

I had been seeing a bunch of cool photos online with double exposures and wanted to try that out! Up comes Youtube and you'll see below my first two attempts below one seems like it has maybe 3 exposures on some spots then the second seems the same so i think i maybe overlapped 3-4 frames over two frames vs 2 on one hahah well a lesson learnt.

So what did I learn?

I learnt how to focus on a rangefinder with the patch i also learned that this particular model had a faint patch which didnt make it the easiest to find focus sometimes (important when buying a rangefinder to get a nice clear and contrasty viewfinder)

I learnt that shooting in the middle of the day can be a little bright and the colours aren't the best. Good to aim for either side of midday.

When doing double exposures be prepared to mess a few frames up in the first attempts. I made a video on our instagram page of how to do a double exposure so go check that out for the best tutorial. If your worried about messing it up just take the shot a few times if possible. Another method I have since discovered is reloading a shot film back into a camera for a second time.

Now I have tried out the three major types of film cameras: a point and shoot a SLR and now a Rangefinder! Slowly learning more and more each shot and ready to shoot more and try new and exciting cameras.

So now I am more invested in the film world and ready for more! Starting to grow my personal collection and learning more and more about photography.

Stay tuned for more Roll with me Articles



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