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What is it like to shoot film for the first time?

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Come roll with us

Volume 1:

My first roll ever

Come roll with us is a new project we have been working on where we show you our journey with film and showcase some of our best photos and also some of the mistakes we made along the way. We will be sharing some tips and tricks we have learned along the way through making mistakes!

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In the first volume,I share what it was like to shoot my first roll of film

Back in June 2018 a few of my friends had film cameras and were playing around with them and I wanted to try one out. So I did what most people do I asked my parents if they had kept their film cameras. To luck, they had kept both of them First a Pentax P30n with 2 lenses but unfortunately, the film advance on this one wasn’t working. So that left me with the second camera the Minolta Riva Zoom 75w Champene compact.

I grabbed a battery to test it out and it came to life maybe 10 years since being used! Stoked to see that the camera was alive I went to the local camera store and picked up a roll of Kodak Ultramax 400 24exp. For the next few weeks, I carried the camera everywhere with me!

So what did I learn?

First up I learned that I really enjoyed using a film camera definitely want to do it more!

Secondly, I noticed that the camera autofocus wasn’t working quite right…

After the first roll, I went to load a second and the camera actually died on me then and there ;(

I also learned that buying 24exp rolls was a waste of money as it costs the same developed a 36exp roll

Now I was on the hunt for a new camera ready to eager to shoot more

So there began my film journey one roll in and I have got the bug and broken my camera.

Stay tuned for more Roll with me Adventures



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Angela Van Dyk
Angela Van Dyk
Jan 21, 2022

This is so exciting!


Ben McCallum
Ben McCallum
Jan 20, 2022

Ready to roll 😎

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